Do you want peace of mind when it comes to your child care needs?

I provide a caring interactive environment, with very little TV time. Take a look around the web site and feel free to call or email with any questions or just to say "Hi!." I strive to ensure lots of Computer use and play, crafts, day trips and lots of supervised outdoor play time. Experienced with watching children since 1992!

About Me

My name is Carrie Roebuck and I've been doing day care since 1992. I am licensed to operate in my home. I started out after my second child (Toni) was born. It started out as a benefit to friends and neighbors as I stayed home and watched their children along with my own. Since watching babies and young children was my passion, I decided to make it a career.

I chose to open a day care business because I love children, and loved the idea of being home for my own children. I'm currently licensed daytime hours for 5 children excluding my own, but would have a house full if I could.

My purpose and goal is to give the children in my care opportunities to learn in a family-like setting, where they can feel safe and loved, and can begin to build a positive self image.

I Offer:

  • A happy, clean and fun home environment for the children.
  • We always have a lot of fun!!
  • We have a large fenced yard with lots fun toys to play on.
  • A wonderful day care room.
  • Crafts, Coloring, Painting, Creative Activities and MORE!
  • 2 computers offering activities and educational games.
  • 2 iPads offering activities and educational games.
  • I am Licensed and on the State food program.
  • I DO NOT believe in letting the TV "baby sit" the kids, there are too many other fun things to do that can teach them and help them learn about life.
  • We have many different play resources, such as books, activities, music, and lots of great toys!!
  • Lots of Love, Patience, Respect, and Care for your child.

Those are only some of the things that I offer for the kids. One thing that I strive to provide is an environment that I would like my own children to be in, if I couldn't be home with them. I treat each one of the kids as if they were my own with love, hugs and kisses. If you are a parent looking for Day Care in the Utica, Illinois area, this is the place for you.

Contact Information

Carrie Roebuck Home Phone: 815-343-3498
Address: Utica, IL
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